Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 3, Day 1

Weigh in:  267... back to where I started, at least!

This past week was pretty awful.  All I wanted to do was put food in my mouth and not move at all.  I'm actually pretty shocked that the 1.5 lbs from last week are gone and don't have a friend or two up there.  My husband did tell me I look like I've lost weight, however.... one of my kid's friends told her I need to lose weight.  =P  Brat.

I started taking some B12 pills last week, and it helped with the feeling like a slug. 

My Mother-in-law is in town for a week and a half, so I'm not really holding myself to much of anything.  I'm going to try to be good, but I can't promise to get to the gym.

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