Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 1, Day 3

Goal calories:  1420
Calories consumed: 2424
Calories burned: 364  (30 min elliptical)
Net calories: 2060

There was some serious emotional eating going on today, but I guess I should be proud of myself for holding myself accountable and counting the calories?  And it said I was still on track to lose weight over the course of 5 weeks (if every day were like today and THANK GOD they're not).... not even 1lb  per week, but it wasn't gaining.  *big fake smile*

I'm just stressed to the max today, frustrated and confused.  Hopefully it's something that can be resolved quickly and I'm just over-reacting.  I don't mind coming off as someone who freaks out over nothing, it's sometimes the preferred outcome.

I had a debate today with a coworker over whether or not you should eat the calories you burn.  She just sticks with her goal calories and any calories she burns are just icing on the cake.... then again, she also thinks drinking Slim Fast is going to help her lose weight.  ;)  I've always been told you need to eat those calories, so I do.

I exercise to eat.  Honestly.  1420 calories a day is hard.  Especially getting in the swing of things, when I'm used to just eating whatever, which is obviously more than 1400/day.  Based on past experiences, I eventually get to where I'm eating healthier foods, which usually are less of a calorie hit, and I end up having a hard time getting all my calories in.  I just have to get there.  And I will.

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