Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 2, Day 1

Weigh in:  268.5  (that's +1.5, but I'm almost positive that's my "monthly weight gain", if you know what I mean)

Yup, I fell off the face of the Earth Thursday evening and have made it back.  I'm struggling with PMS the past week.... it's always like I'm a tea kettle about to go off about this time.  My body hurts and I'm in a mood.  Any day now I'll return to human, though, and we can get on with this thing =)

This week I'm focusing on no fast food.  I probably will have lunch with the hubs today, and I'm thinking Tropical Smoothie.  I don't really consider that fast food... I'm thinking greasy burger and fried chicken kind of fast food.  I think Subway, Tropical Smoothie.... places where you can actually get something decent is acceptable.  I did pretty well last week avoiding it at lunch and I will bring my lunch this week (hopefully, I really need to get into the habit)

And still focusing on tracking calories.  I did really well last week until Thursday evening and I've already logged in this morning.  I'm just going to keep on trucking...

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