Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 5

Holding steady at 265.5... considering the chaos of the past few weeks, I'm happy with it.  Definitely need to get on the ball, though.

I took Zoe to the doctor last Monday for her 4 year check up and was told that she's a little overweight.  I wasn't all that surprised... she's always been a chunky child.... but I've been so frustrated over the responses I've been getting from family.  I keep hearing "oh, she'll be fine once she hits a growth spurt."  I know she's not a huge child.  But she was only 1 lb less than Isabelle, who is about 5 inches taller than her.  She weighs more than Olivia (who is underweight, go figure).  At no time has that child ever been anything but chunky, so I seriously doubt one more growth spurt is going to solve it.  They just don't seem to understand how concerned it makes me and how I really need to make sure she doesn't go down the same road I've been on my whole life. 

I spent all last week trying to plan out this week so that we had healthier snacks around the house and, of course, my husband went to the store Friday and stuffed the cabinets with junk.  =/  Needless to say I'm pretty frustrated and feel like I just don't have much of a support system at home. 

On a more positive note, I had my annual (which had been 2 years in the making) exam on Friday.  My doctor just seemed so impressed that I had lost about 20 lbs since my last visit.  20 lbs over 2 years doesn't feel very impressive, but it was nice to get kudos for it.  =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 4 - weigh in

Current weight:  265.5... down 1.5!

I've been so busy this past week with company and a birthday party on top of my usual packed schedule.  I guess it was enough to knock off a pound and a half.  =)

This week will be pretty insane as well, but hopefully I can get back into a good routine next week.

I have a doctor's appointment Friday to talk about some weird stuff going on.  I'm sure it's nothing, but better safe than sorry.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 3, Day 1

Weigh in:  267... back to where I started, at least!

This past week was pretty awful.  All I wanted to do was put food in my mouth and not move at all.  I'm actually pretty shocked that the 1.5 lbs from last week are gone and don't have a friend or two up there.  My husband did tell me I look like I've lost weight, however.... one of my kid's friends told her I need to lose weight.  =P  Brat.

I started taking some B12 pills last week, and it helped with the feeling like a slug. 

My Mother-in-law is in town for a week and a half, so I'm not really holding myself to much of anything.  I'm going to try to be good, but I can't promise to get to the gym.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 2, Day 1

Weigh in:  268.5  (that's +1.5, but I'm almost positive that's my "monthly weight gain", if you know what I mean)

Yup, I fell off the face of the Earth Thursday evening and have made it back.  I'm struggling with PMS the past week.... it's always like I'm a tea kettle about to go off about this time.  My body hurts and I'm in a mood.  Any day now I'll return to human, though, and we can get on with this thing =)

This week I'm focusing on no fast food.  I probably will have lunch with the hubs today, and I'm thinking Tropical Smoothie.  I don't really consider that fast food... I'm thinking greasy burger and fried chicken kind of fast food.  I think Subway, Tropical Smoothie.... places where you can actually get something decent is acceptable.  I did pretty well last week avoiding it at lunch and I will bring my lunch this week (hopefully, I really need to get into the habit)

And still focusing on tracking calories.  I did really well last week until Thursday evening and I've already logged in this morning.  I'm just going to keep on trucking...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 1, Day 3

Goal calories:  1420
Calories consumed: 2424
Calories burned: 364  (30 min elliptical)
Net calories: 2060

There was some serious emotional eating going on today, but I guess I should be proud of myself for holding myself accountable and counting the calories?  And it said I was still on track to lose weight over the course of 5 weeks (if every day were like today and THANK GOD they're not).... not even 1lb  per week, but it wasn't gaining.  *big fake smile*

I'm just stressed to the max today, frustrated and confused.  Hopefully it's something that can be resolved quickly and I'm just over-reacting.  I don't mind coming off as someone who freaks out over nothing, it's sometimes the preferred outcome.

I had a debate today with a coworker over whether or not you should eat the calories you burn.  She just sticks with her goal calories and any calories she burns are just icing on the cake.... then again, she also thinks drinking Slim Fast is going to help her lose weight.  ;)  I've always been told you need to eat those calories, so I do.

I exercise to eat.  Honestly.  1420 calories a day is hard.  Especially getting in the swing of things, when I'm used to just eating whatever, which is obviously more than 1400/day.  Based on past experiences, I eventually get to where I'm eating healthier foods, which usually are less of a calorie hit, and I end up having a hard time getting all my calories in.  I just have to get there.  And I will.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 1, Day 2

Goal calories:  1420
Calories consumed: 1834
Calories burned: 345  (30 min elliptical)
Net calories: 1489

Oh so close... I have been feeling so munchy all day.  It's a good thing I made it to the gym (yay me!) although that might have contributed to my non-stop hunger.  Once I get used to this, I won't feel so hungry all the time, I'm sure.

I took my Kindle to the gym because I can't find my MP3 player.  I do believe the kids found it and have hidden it on me.  =/  I have never tried to read and do the elliptical and other than turning the page being a little bit of a bother, it worked out pretty well.  It hides most of the screen on the elliptical, so I'm not constantly staring at all the data on there, and it made the time pass pretty quickly.  I finished one book and started another.  

Now I just have to go repack my gym back and keep myself from snacking tonight!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 1, Day 1

Weigh in:  267

Goal calories:  1420
Calories consumed:  1860
Calories burned:  0
Net calories:  1860

I had a lunch date, as is usual on most Mondays, with my  husband, so going over calories was kind of expected.  I did try to make decent choices, though.  I'm trying! will tell you, if every day were like today, what your weight would be in 5 weeks, and it showed me losing a little over 5 lbs, so even if I went over, it wasn't that bad.  I have my goal set to 2lbs a week on there.  So I have some wiggle room calorie-wise with my actual goal of 37 by 37, since I really only have to lose about a pound a week to get there. 

I have a hard time convincing myself to work out with the hubby home, so I didn't exercise today.  I did cross a big hurdle, though... I packed my gym bag for the morning.  Now to get up early and actually go.  I know once I get in the habit, it won't be so bad.  It's that first morning that always gets me.  I've been putting "pack gym bag" on my To Do list for weeks, so at least I managed that.  =)  Since I have to be at work at such an ungodly hour (5:30am), I have to get up at 4am to go to the gym.  And it means showering and getting ready for work at the gym.  Thank goodness for private shower rooms. 

I also tried two things today that I really wanted to like, but despite how many times I do try, I can't make myself like them.  I made oatmeal for breakfast... managed to get half of it down, but just couldn't finish it.  It's a texture thing.  I like oats in other things, and I love the smell of oatmeal, but I can't get past how it feels in my mouth.  I also made fish (swai) for dinner.  I can handle junk like Captain D's or fish sticks, but the real thing... just can't do it.  I barely got one bite down.  Oh well, at least I tried, right?