Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prepping for Week 1

My main focus this week is going to be getting in the habit of tracking my calories.  I usually get started doing this and fall off the wagon in a few days, and in those few days I usually forget to track once I get home.  I also need to track my carbs and try to really curb that.  I'm such a carb addict. 

I like to use  I also have the app on my phone.  There are other sites that track calories, like but they have so much on that site that I tend to either get distracted and overwelmed.  I do like their recipe site, especially for figuring out calories of recipes that I don't already have the calorie count to. 

I'll weigh in on Monday at work and probably change that bar up top.  I haven't been 285 in a while, thank goodness.  I'm probably around 265-270.  Obviously I have a lot more than 37lbs to lose, but I figure an easy goal to get me started is the way to go.

I'm also going to try to work on some of my future "focuses" for later weeks, but I won't beat myself up if I slip up.  I need to make some time for exercise of some sort, either getting up early (ugh... 4am) or forcing myself to do it in the evening. 

I also think I'll get the stuff to make some of these up for dinner during the week:

Since Bill works nights, I really don't like to cook.  The girls won't eat most of what I cook, so it seems like when I do that I'm cooking to put stuff straight in the fridge for leftovers.  I end up just grazing all night.  It's worth a try for a week anyway.

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