Thursday, March 29, 2012

37 before 37

On December 6, I will turn 37.   I'm setting a goal to lose 37 pounds before I turn 37.  With about 36 weeks before my birthday, I think it's a reasonable goal and (fingers crossed) I can remain determined and hit or exceed that goal.

Every week, I plan on making a small change to help me along the way and to help make healthy changes not only for me, but my family.

This list is a work in progress...

Week 1:  Start counting calories
Week 2:  No fast food
Week 3:  No soda
Week 4: 


  1. I think I am going to do all 3 of those as well. Have you ever tried to use any websites to help count calories?

    I've used (phone app named caloriecounter)
    and (phone app named loseit)

    both her are good..I like the first one better, but my family is on the second.

  2. I saw AFTER I commented that you have in the upper right hand corner. OOPS!

    How do you like that website?

    1. I love It's really simple and doesn't have a ton of other things going on to distract me. I've used before, too, and liked it. They have a lot of groups and boards and articles. It's just really distracting and overwelming. But I love their recipe site because you can enter recipes and figure out the calories!